In good company

We are delighted and say a big thank you – after all, nothing is possible without friends and supporters.

The society of friends and benefactors

It is our very great fortune to have the Society of Friends and Benefactors of the German Röntgen Museum in Remscheid-Lennep e. V. The new positioning of the Museum would not be possible without the support of this association. Founded in 1951, the Society today has some 550 members worldwide. Its declared aims are to support the Museum financially in acquiring and keeping exhibits as well as in public relations activities.

Meanwhile, however, such intensive cooperation has evolved between the Museum’s management, the City and the Society that the association has become an essential initiator and funder for our Museum. The Society frequently uses its many scientific, economic and cultural contacts to report about the Museum and to bring the Museum and its work to the attention of an international public. We are therefore in the very best of company and are pleased to be there.

Experience the project first hand

Our friends and supporters can experience the transformation first hand and are always up-to-date.

Professor em. Dr. med. Ulrich Mödder 1. Vorsitzender der Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer des Deutschen Röntgen-Museums

Professor em. Dr. med. Ulrich Mödder

This also applies to Professor em. Dr. med. Ulrich Mödder. He is the 1st Chairperson of the Society of Friends and Benefactors of the German Röntgen Museum. Together with all the other members, he has helped us implement the transformation of the Museum and has experienced the project first hand. With some exclusive guided tours and glances behind the scenes we would like to thank all our members. But that’s not all. The sponsors receive invitations to the opening events of all exhibitions and are rewarded with free admission to all lectures and speeches. We provide an annual report and various newsletters containing all the important details regarding the redesign. In this way our supporters are always up-to-date with developments. Moreover, members are invited to cultural events such as the awarding of the Röntgen Medal and may use the rooms of the new Röntgen Museum for their own events. It might also be good to remember that any donations made or membership fees paid are tax deductible.

Who would like to join us?

We are always pleased to welcome new members and people wishing to support us.

Besucher im Voyer beim speisen einer Kleinigkeit wie Kaffee und Kuchen

Would you like to become a member? Who would like to support us and track and drive forward the transformation project? For all the members of the Society of Friends and Benefactors of the German Röntgen Museum in Remscheid-Lennep e.V. it is a case of helping to maintain the wealth of knowledge for future generations and to enable them to experience it for themselves. It is very simple to become a member of the Society. Simply download the Membership Application Form, fill it in and return it to us or send it back by fax under the number 02191 / 16-31 45.

Become a member (PDF)

The coveted object

We are proud to present the Röntgen Medal for particularly inventive individuals.

The chaos of war prevented many a celebration from taking place. That is why neither the centenary celebration of Röntgen’s birth on 27 March 1945 nor the 50th anniversary of the discovery of X-rays on 8 November 1945 could be fittingly commemorated. However, there has been a Röntgen Medal since 1951 to honour the 50th anniversary of the 1st Nobel Prize for Physics that was awarded to Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. The Röntgen Medal is conferred by the Lady Mayoress or Lord Mayor of the City of Remscheid to a person that has in the widest sense made a significant contribution to developing and spreading Röntgen’s scientific legacy. The award has become a highly respected and coveted scientific accolade in professional circles. The Society of Friends and Benefactors of the German Röntgen Museum in Remscheid-Lennep e.V. selects an appropriate scientist from across the world and proposes her or his name to the Lady Mayoress or Lord Mayor, who makes the award. We have compiled some impressions from previous years in our photo gallery.

And this year’s award goes to…

Every year to someone else. But for sure always to someone that really deserves it.

Copyright: ESRF/Stef Cande

Professor Dr. Francesco Sette

The Röntgen Medal from the City of Remscheid will this year be awarded to the Italian physicist Francesco Sette . The City of Remscheid is thereby honouring Sette’s outstanding research and pioneering achievements in the field of inelastic X-ray scattering and the development of completely new technical solutions for high-energy and high-resolution spectroscopy of soft X-rays. This public event will take place in the Minoritensaal in the Klosterkirche in Remscheid-Lennep between 11.00 and 13.00 on Saturday 06 April 2019. We are looking forward to this event and would already like to express our congratulations.

Further information

Everything at a glance

A look into our archives is worthwhile – all of our award winners from 1951 till today have been compiled here.

All award winners from 1951 till today have been compiled and listed here. Of course, the list is quite long – since the Museum honours a scientist and practically-minded individual every year. All award winners since the introduction of the Röntgen Medal can be seen by applying a little time and patience and by browsing through our archives.

All Award Winners

Partners are fantastic

Many things would not work without partners, friends and sponsors. We are proud and happy to have ours.

We would like to thank all our partners, benefactors, friends and sponsors that have so far participated in the implementation of the transformation of our Museum. We would not have been able to realise the project without this level of support. We have already achieved a lot, but we still have a lot of work together ahead of us. Thank you!

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Sana Klinikum Remscheid GmbH
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Smiths Heimann GmbH, Wiesbaden
Deutsche Bank Remscheid
Pflitsch GmbH, Hückeswagen
Stilwerk Düsseldorf
Philips Healthcare, Hamburg
EON SE, Essen
M&E GmbH, Remscheid
Walbusch Jugendstiftung, Solingen
Anton-Betz-Stiftung, Düsseldorf
Ria-Fresen-Stiftung, Remscheid
Fachverband Strahlenschutz, Garching
Marianne und Emil Lux-Stiftung, Remscheid
Gerhard Kütterer, Erlangen
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mödder, Düsseldorf
G-Tec GmbH, Wesel
AVL Schrick GmbH, Remscheid
DGZfP, Berlin
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DVTA, Hamburg

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Förderverein für Innovation und Technologie, Remscheid
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Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft e.V., Berlin
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