The Roentgen Medal 1960-1969

Every year a different one. Yet always someone who deserves it.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Rolf Wideröe.


Rolf Wideröe (1902-1996)
Nußbaumen, CHE

Engineer. Treatises in the field of the generation of high energetic rays. He developed theoretic fundamentals for the construction of the betatrone and the linear accelerator at the University of Aachen. Significant works in the field of high voltage radiotherapy.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Robert Prévot.


Robert Prévôt (1901-1998)
Hamburg, GER

Radiologist. Closest collaborator of Hans Heinrich Berg at the Charité and later at the university hospital in Hamburg, where Prévôt became the head of the “Roentgen Institute“. Significant works in the field of radiodiagnostic imaging and interpretation especially of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Gottfried Spiegler.


Gottfried Spiegler (1891-1970)
Wien, AUT

Physicist. First hospital physicist and closest collaborator of Holzknecht in Vienna. Significant works in the field of physical fundamentals in X-ray diagnostics.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Hanns Langendorf.


Hanns Langendorff (1901-1974)
Freiburg, GER

Radiobiologist. Research mainly on physical problems in the absorption of radiation up to the applications of high-energy radiation in medicine. Significant works in the field of chemical radiation protection.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Walter Frey.


Walter Frey (1909-1966)
Remscheid, GER

Lord Mayor of the City of Remscheid.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Kuhlenkampf.


Helmuth Kulenkampff (1895-1971)
Würzburg, GER

Physicist. Basic works in the field of X-ray physics. One of Roentgen‘s successors in his chair of experimental physics at the University of Wuerzburg.

Portraitfoto von Herrn William David Coolidge.


William David Coolidge (1873-1975)
Schenectady, USA

Engineer. Significant contributions to the development of the X-ray technique, including the pioneering invention of the hot-cathode X-ray tube in 1913.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Anton Leb.


Anton Leb (1891-1965)
Graz, AUT

Radiologist. Amoung others the teachers of Leb were Holzknecht, Holfelder and Forssell. His contribution to the union in radiology and the development of training centers for young radiographers led to the foundation of the „Central Roentgen Institute“ in Graz.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Albert Bouwers.


Albert Bouwers ( 1895-1972)
Eindhoven, NLD

Physicist. He was the director of the X-ray and high voltage research at Philips and developed the first radiation-proof X-ray tube (1925), the first portable high voltage-proof X-ray apparatus (1928), the first rotating anode tube (1929). Foundation of the “De Oude Delft“ and development of the fluorography (Odelca) and the image intensifier system.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Gerardus Jacobus van der Plaats.


Gerardus Jacobus van der Plaats (1903-1995)
Maastricht, NLD

Radiologist. After the university degree in medicine van der Plaats seized the opportunity to continue his studies in X-ray diagnostics at the institute of Guido Holzknecht in Vienna and in the field of radiotherapeutics at the institute of Hans Holfelder in Frankfurt. Basic works in the field of X-ray contact therapy. He made intensive efforts in view of international relationships.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Heinrich Franke.


Heinrich Franke (1887-1966)
Erlangen, GER

Physicist. Head of the phototechnical X-ray laboratory of the SiemensReiniger-Werke. Significant contributions to scientific and technical
radiology. Development of automatic exposure and sensitometry.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Elis Berven.


Elis Berven (1885-1966)
Stockholm, SWE

Radiologist. Student and successor of Forssell at the “Radiumhemmet“ in Stockholm. Pioneering works in the field of treatment of malignant tumors. His special attention was turned to the promotion of international relationships in the field of radiology.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Richard Seifert.


Richard Seifert (1890-1969)
Hamburg, GER

Industrialist. He achieved pioneer works in the field of the development of the X-ray apparatus for non-destructive material testing. Successor of Anderlohr as Chairman of the “Society of Friends and Supporters of the German Roentgen Museum“.