The Roentgen Medal 1990-1999

Every year a different one. Yet always someone who deserves it.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Heizaburou Ichikawa.


Heizaburou Ichikawa (*1923)
Tokio, JAP

Radiologist. Outstanding scientific work for gastroenterological radiology, in particular for the early detection of gastric cancer.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Paul Gerhardt.


Paul Gerhardt (*1933)
München, GER

Radiologist. Special contribution to the scientific development of diagnostic radiology and its fundamentals. Special supporter of the German Roentgen Museum.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Gerd Friedmann.


Gerd Friedmann (1925-2020)
Köln, GER

Physicist. Special contribution to the early detection of tumors with computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography and digital subtraction angiography.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Joachim Trümper.


Joachim Trümper (*1933)
Garching, GER

Astrophysicist. Pioneer in the field of X-ray astronomy. Fundamental studies on cosmic X-ray sources in space.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Mortimer Elkind.


Mortimer M. Elkind (1922-2000)
Colorado, USA

Radiologist and Oncologist. Basic work on the cellular radiation biology in particular in the field of intracellular recreation and carcinogenesis after irradiation.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Karl-Heinz Höhne.


Karl-Heinz Höhne (*1937)
Hamburg, GER

Computer scientists. Basic work on 3D visualization of realistic anatomy of CT and MRI image data. The algorithms for volume visualization were awarded several times and also today the state-of-the-art is in this area.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Mitsuyaki Abe.


Mitsuyaki Abe (*1932)
Kyoto, JAP

Radiologist and Oncologist. Fundamental work in the field of clinical radiation therapy and hyperthermia. His development of interoperable radiotherapy found worldwide recognition.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Josef Kosanetzky.


Josef Kosanetzki (*1953)
Hamburg, GER

Physicists. Basic work on the use of backscattered X-rays of the Compton effect for the generation of slice images and the further development of the process for industrial serial production.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Geoffrey Harding.


Geoffrey Harding (*1948)
Hamburg, GER

Physicists. Basic theoretical work on the use of backscattered X-rays of the Compton effect for the generation of slice images and the further development of the process for industrial serial production.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Albert L. Baert.


Albert L. Baert (*1931)
Leuven, BEL

Radiologist. As one of the first radiologists Baert recognized the special significance of the computed tomography and used the new technique at an early stage. By bringing together different European Roentgen societies he acquired special merits in the European integration of radiology. Especially, he supported Eastern European countries.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Davis-Philip-E. Palmer.


Philips E.S. Palmer Davis (1921-2013)
Californien, USA

Radiologist. Significant merits in radiology of the “World Health Organization“. Collaborator in the development of a “Basic-RadiologySystem“ (BRS) for developing countries.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Günther Schmal.


Günter Schmahl (*1936)
Göttingen, GER

Astrophysicist. Pioneering works on the development and realization of X-ray microscopy. Including basic works on the development of high resolution zone plates as X-ray lenses by means of microstructure research. X-ray microscopic experiments with synchrotron radiation and manufacturing of a laboratory X-ray microscope.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Ludwig Feinendegen.


Ludwig Feinendegen (*1927)
Jülich, GER

Nuclear physician. Significant works on the entire field of nuclear medicine. Basic research in the clinical application of the “PositronEmission-Tomography” (PET).

Portraitfoto von Herrn Hans-Stefan Stender.


Hans-Stefan Stender (1920-2007)
Hannover, GER

Radiologist. Significant works on the scientific classification on radiodiagnostics.

Portraitfoto von Herrn André Wambersie.


André Wambersie (1930-2020)
Brüssel, BEL

Radiobiologist. Basic works on radiobiology and radiotherapy of malignant tumors.