The Roentgen Medal

Every year a different one. Yet always someone who deserves it.

The turmoil of war prevented some major celebrations – neither Roentgen’s 100th birthday on March 27, 1945, nor the 50th anniversary of the discovery of X-rays on November 8, 1945, could be celebrated in a dignified manner. However, the Roentgen Medal has been in existence since 1951. It was created to honor the 50th anniversary of rewarding Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen with the first Nobel Price.

The Röntgen medal is awarded by the Mayor of the City of Remscheid. Recipients are personalities who made a special contribution to the progress and the promotion of Roentgen’s discoveries in the broadest sense. It has become a highly respected and desired award in scientific communities.

The Society of Friends and Benefactors of the German Roentgen Museum Remscheid-Lennep e.V. selects suitable scientists from all over the world and proposes them to the Mayor. In our photo gallery we collected some impressions from the past years.

Günther Hasinger


Wolfgang Schlegel (*1945), Heidelberg, GER

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the award ceremony of the Roentgen Medal 2020 to Prof. Günther Hasinger had to be rescheduled. The ceremony will be celebrated along with the award of the Roentgen Medal 2021 to Prof. Wolfgang Schlegel on September 18, 2021 at 11 a.m. in the auditorium of the Roentgen-Gymnasium in Remscheid Lennep.

Wolfgang Schlegel is a pioneer in medical physics. Numerous procedures and techniques that today enable precise irradiation of tumors in clinics around the globe are based on the developments of Schlegel and his colleagues. Countless patients worldwide owe it to his inventions that their tumors could be irradiated precisely and carefully, thus improving their chances of recovery.

The city of Remscheid awards Prof. Schlegel the Roentgen Medal for the year 2021 in recognition to his outstanding achievements in the development of intensity-modulated conformal radiotherapy.

Günther Hasinger



Günther Hasinger (* 1954), Madrid, ESP

In the year of the Roentgen anniversary the Roentgen Medal of the City of Remscheid is awarded to the German astrophysicist Günther Hasinger. The award honors his outstanding research in the field of X-ray astronomy. In recent decades, Günther Hasinger has been involved in research on the X-ray background. His studies helped to demonstrate that these diffuse X-ray emissions originate mainly from countless black holes in active galaxy centers, which have been growing and radiating throughout cosmic history.

Currently, he is studying the weak fluctuations in the cosmic X-ray and infrared backgrounds that point to the existence of a very early population of black holes and is investigating the question of whether they may be the previously misunderstood dark matter.

Astrophysicist. Extraordinary achievements in the field of X-ray astronomy and the study of the formation and evolution of distant galaxies, as well as the role of black holes as galaxy nucle.