The Roentgen Medal 1980-1989

Every year a different one. Yet always someone who deserves it.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Arthur Scharmann.


Arthur Scharmann (1928-2012)
Gießen, GER

Physicist. Basic research on the elementary mechanisms of the interaction of radiation and matter, especially the application in the sensitive ray proof as well as the application in the solid dosimetry.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Gerald Edward Adams.


Gerald Edward Adams (1930-1998)
Chilton, GBR

Chemist. Basic research of quick reactions in the field of radiochemistry. Development of radio-sensitizing substances for tumor therapy.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Eckehard Macherauch.


Eckhard Macherauch (1926-2008)
Karlsruhe, GER

Physicist. Basic works on radiographical stress analysis of technical productions.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Viktor Hauk.


Viktor Hauk (1915-2003)
Düsseldorf, GER

Physicist. Comprehensive works on radiographical stress analysis of technical productions.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Paul Lauterbur.


Paul Lauterbur (1929-2007)
Urbana, Illinois, USA

Chemist. On the basis of the biophysical works of Bloch and Purcell on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) he developed a method for the reconstruction of sectional images from the interior of the body. It was the magnet resonance tomography which opened further dimensions concerning visual diagnostics in medicine. Nobel prize for physiology and medicine in 2003.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Daniel Blanc.


Daniel Blanc (1927-2009)
Toulouse, FRA

Physicist. As assistant of F. Perrin he belonged to the founders of the “Center of Nuclear Physics“ in Toulouse. Important works in the field of biophysical radiology.

Portraitfoto von Frau Andrée Dutreix.


Andrée Dutreix
Villejiuf, FRA

Medical physicist. She studied at the Sorbonne and became head of the radiotherapeutic center in Villejiuf. Basic works for the development of medical physics in France.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Christian Streffer.


Christian Streffer (*1934)
Essen, GER

Biochemist. Student of Werner Langendorff. Basic works on molecular radiobiology. Particular interests in the research of biological effects of ionizing rays, especially in the effects of small dosage. Research of the combination of ionizing rays with chemical substances in view of radiation protection.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Albrecht Kellerer.


Albrecht M. Kellerer (*1939)
Würzburg, GER

Biophysicist. Student of Walter Gerlach and Otto Hug. Basic works on microdosimetry and radioepidemiology. Introduction of modern mathematical methods, matrix calculus, stochastic, convolution theorem, functional transformation of the “Monte-Carlo-Method“ and mathematic topology in radiobiology.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Max Scheer.


Max Scheer (1926-2000)
Würzburg, GER

Physicist. Spectroscopic examinations of X-ray bremsstrahlung of angular distributions and polarization of X-rays.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Ellis Cosslett.


Vernon Ellis Cosslett (1908-1990)
Cambridge, GBR

Physicist. Scholarship holder for the development of the electronic microscopy under W.L. Bragg in Cambridge. Development of the X-ray-projection microscope and the X-ray microscope. Essential works on the understanding of X-ray characteristics.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Heinz Vieten.


Heinz Vieten (1915-1985)
Düsseldorf, GER

Radiologist. Studied under Robert Janker in Bonn. Basic works on representing the heart by means of contrast media. Vieten contributed important impetus in all parts of radiology. Author of the “Handbook of Medical Radiology“.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Karl Musshoff.


Karl Musshoff (1911-2009)
Freiburg, GER

Radiologist. Basic works in the field of clinical radiotherapy of cancer of the lymphatic system.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Otto Vaupel.


Otto Vaupel (1902-1992)
Berlin, GER

Physicist. Assistant of Prof. Berthold at the “Reichs-Roentgenstelle“ in Berlin, later director of the department “General methods of material testing“ at the “Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung“. Basic works on the application of the X-ray method in material research and material testing.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Hermann Muth.


Hermann Muth (1915-1994)
Homburg an der Saar, GER

Biophysiker. Bedeutende Arbeiten zur biophysikalischen Grundlagenforschung des Strahlenschutzes. Entwicklung der Dosisgrenzwerte im Strahlenschutz. Mitglied des Grundnormenausschusses Strahlenschutz der Europäischen Gemeinschaft.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield.


Sir Godfrey N. Hounsfield (1919-2004)
London, GBR

Biophysicist. Significant works on basic biophysical research in radiation protection. Development of dosage limits in radiation protection. Member of the “Basic Standard Committee for Radiation Protection“ of the EU.